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Seven weeks after their last release, Microsoft have let Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 3 out of the bag.

The updated preview release includes support for the HTML5 video tag, canvas tag support and embedded fonts using the WOFF standard.

“The third Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9, available now, continues the deep work around hardware acceleration to enable the same standards-based markup to run faster. This is the latest instalment of the rhythm we started in March, delivering platform preview releases approximately every eight weeks and listening to developers. You’ll see more performance, same markup, and hardware accelerated HTML5″ wrote Dean Hachamovitch
General Manager, Internet Explorer.

This latest release performs well in benchmarks, now scoring 83/100 in the Acid3 test, up from 68/100 in the last platform preview. SunSpider testing shows the browser is almost on par with the recently released Safari 5, which our own testing confirmed.

Willing testers can check out the IE9 Platform Preview release from the Test Drive IE website.

Microsoft has made available a second release of its Internet Explorer 9 platform preview, with early results showcasing many improvements in the browser over the first platform preview that was released in March 2010.

“Today’s release builds on the first Platform Preview, delivering improvements to IE9’s performance, support for standards, and hardware acceleration of HTML5.  We’ve also updated the test drive site with a new set of developer samples to show what developers can do with GPU-powered HTML5. As part of our commitment to enabling developers to use the Same Markup – the same HTML, CSS, and script – on the web, we have contributed many new tests to the W3C for HTML5, as well as CSS3 Media Queries and DOM. The Developer Tools in this preview include some new features to make finding and fixing markup issues easier” wrote Internet Explorer’s General Manager Dean Hachamovitch.

Microsoft testing shows the browser is also slightly faster in SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test then the previous preview release, with the browser still being faster than Firefox 3.6 and Firefox.Next builds.

The release come days after figures show that Internet Explorer’s market share has dropped below the 60% mark for the first time since late 1998.

Windows users wanting to test Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview #2 can download the browser from

I have gone and put Opera 9.64, Opera 10 Alpha, and Opera 10 Beta 1 through the Acid 3 test, V8 Benchmark, and SunSpider Benchmark tools to see how the new browser is stacking up.

The results are pleasing, with the browser clearly heading in the correct direction. Graphed results are below.

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Chromium on LinuxLinuxHaxor has discovered that early-pre-alpha builds of Chromium, which Google Chrome is based off, is 4 times faster than current stable builds of Firefox on Linux.

The test was run with the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark tool.

While these results are impressive, LinuxHaxor mentions that current Google Chrome Windows builds are still 2 times faster than early Chromium builds for Linux.

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Good news everyone! Google Chrome is getting faster. The Google Chrome Blog has details of the new beta, which suggest that the next version of Chrome is up to 35% faster.

The benchmarks used include Google own V8 benchmark, where the browser was an 25% faster, and the Sunspider benchmark which achieved a result 35% faster than the current stable release.

These improvements should make their way in to the stable release shortly.

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Computerworld has posted an article comparing Firefox’s 3.1 beta to the latest Chrome beta.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols put both of these browser through the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark test. Not surprising the results were very stunning with Firefox 3.1 beta taking it out.

Of interesting note is that Firefox 3.1 beta is almost 25 times faster when rendering JavaScript compared to Internet Explorer 7.

You can read the article in full and get all the details.

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With the release of Google Chrome, John Resig has performed JavaScript benchmark tests on a wide variety of browsers on both Windows Vista and XP. These browsers include:

  • Chrome 0.2
  • Safari 4
  • Safari 3.1.2
  • Opera 9.5.2
  • Firefox 3.1
  • Firefox 3.0.1
  • IE7
  • IE8 Beta 2

Testing, using three benchmarking tools; SunSpider, V8 Benchmark, and Dromaeo, has produced some interesting results. Results show that Google Chrome is ahead in all but one benchmark test – very impressive for a browser that is still in its early beta stages. It shows the performance of the new V8 JavaScript engine and the power of the WebKit rendering engine found in both Chrome and Safari.

You can read the full JavaScript Performance Rundown article to see the other (not-so)surprissing results.