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One of the worlds most used mobile web browsers is headed to Android devices. Opera Mobile – the fully featured father of Opera Mini – will be free of charge.

Opera Mobile uses the presto layout engine, coupled with Opera’s Small Screen Rendering technology which dynamically reformats web pages for small screened devices.

There is no release date yet, but users can already download Opera Mini for Android today. Opera Mini is already installed on over 71 million hand held devices.

Below is a video demonstration of Opera Mobile which was shown over at TechCrunch.

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Android users prayers have been answered, with the release of Opera Mini 5.1 final for Android devices.

“Since the beta, Opera Mini has improved rendering to make browsing look better on high-resolution devices. Text is legible even when zoomed out. In addition to your favorite features such as tabs, Speed Dial navigation and Opera Link, surfing with Opera Mini is smother with improved kinetic scrolling” wrote Opera’s Aleksander Aas.

The browser can also be set as the default for the device, and full screen will now utilise the whole display.

Opera Mini is available in 92 languages, and can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace or directly from

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Opera Mini Project Manager Marianne Spilling has posted an article on why iPhone users should ditch the phones included Safari browser and switch to Opera Mini.

Along with the usual list of reasons including faster browsing speeds, Spilling goes on benchmark the browser against Safari on several popular sites with the phone in 2G (EDGE), 3G, and WiFi modes.

The difference was huge, with one example Facebook taking 8.8 seconds to load in Opera Mini in 2G mode, compared to 68.2 seconds in Safari. The difference was far less in 3G and WiFi modes, but Opera Mini still came out on top on all occasions.

The faster speed of Opera Mini on iPhone is attributed to Opera’s Turbo  technology, which pushes all data through Opera’s servers and compresses it before sending the webpage to a browsers iPhone.

Full benchmarks can be seen in Spillings article, while Opera Mini for iPhone can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App store.

In its first 24 hours since approved by Apple, Opera Mini for iPhone has been downloaded over one million times.

The number was so great that Opera Mini was the most downloaded application across all region app stores.

“Today iPhone users have a choice, and, as the numbers show, they are eager to explore new and faster ways to surf the Web on the iPhone – especially during heavy Web traffic,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Mini can be downloaded for free for the iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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Opera have announced that Opera Mini is heading to the iPhone and iPod Touch today, after Apple approved the app for the devices.

This comes 20 days after Opera submitted the browser to Apple for approval.

“Opera Mini […] enables fast mobile Web browsing by compressing data by up to 90 percent before sending content to the device, resulting in significantly improved page loading. Users of the app will notice an uptake in speed, especially on slower networks such as the 2G Edge network. Surfing the Web with the Opera Mini App on iPhone and iPod touch will also help users save money because of its data compression capabilities” said a press release from Opera.

“We are delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great browsing experience with the Opera Mini App,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “This app is another step toward Opera’s goal of bringing the Web to more people in more places.”

The browser can be downloaded for free now from the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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Opera have released a press release stating that they now have over 100 million users.

This figure includes 50 million users on Windows, Mac and Linux, plus another 50 million users browsing the web with Opera Mini on their mobile devices.

100 million users comes after a staggering 30% jump in desktop users from the same time last year, mostly attributed to the release of Opera 10.x browsers.

“Our focus on speed, security, innovation and usability continues to yield results. We always listen to the needs and wants of our users, and they reward us by choosing Opera,” said Jon von Tetzchner, Co-founder, Opera Software.

Congratulations to Opera on the achievement, and new users can download Opera for their computer or mobile device from the Opera website.

IntoMobile have put Opera Mini for iPhone up for a speed test against the iPhones native Safari browser.

The results are not surprising, with Opera Mini for iPhone using Opera’s Turbo technology, which compresses data by as much as 90% before sending the data to the iPhone.

In the test, the power of Opera Turbo is revealed, with Opera Mini for iPhone killing the Safari browser. You can watch the results yourself in the video below.

No word yet on when or whether Apple will approve the Opera Mini browser for the iPhone.

Opera has bitten the bullet, and has submitted a version of Opera Mini suitable for the iPhone.

To celebrate the occasion, Opera has launched a timer to count how long it takes Apple to make a decision on the mobile browser.

It is still unknown however if Apple will accept the browser, despite Opera stating that the browser complies 100% with Apple’s App store policies. Apple has been known in the past to reject application that provide the same functionality as already found on the iPhone. Apple has however recently approved several web browser to the App store.

Opera announced the availability of Opera Mini for iPhone at the 2010 Mobile World Congress, which includes the use of  unlimited tabs, and the ability to search through web pages. The browser is missing pinch-to-zoom at this stage, but it is expected to be added in a future release if the browser is approved.

Time is now ticking Apple. Your move!

Opera have announced the availability of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 final.

Both mobile browser have been in development since at least October last year, and include many improvements over their predecessors.

The browser both include new tabbed browsing, a streamlined user interface, new faster JavaScript and HTML rendering engines.

Perhaps the best inclusion is Opera Turbo, which can compress data by as much as 90%, and save mobile browsers time and money.

A full list of features plus download links can be found on the Opera Mobile website.

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Never fear Windows Mobile Opera Mini users, Opera has got your back, with the release of Opera Mini 5 Beta 1 for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 phones.

“By integrating Opera Mini with the Windows Mobile platform, Opera is able to deliver an optimized version of the popular Opera Mini browser that dramatically improves performance and the overall user experience. While Opera Mini traditionally requires Java, the new Windows Mobile version does not, which means that Opera Mini will work on any Windows Mobile phone” Opera said in a statement.

The benefits of using Opera Mini on the mobile phone appear quite clear, with Opera including Opera Turbo technology that compresses data traffic by up to 90%, improving page-loading time and reducing data usage, potentially saving users when on a pay-per-MB data plan.

Opera Mini 5 for Windows Mobile can be downloaded from the Opera Mini Next website.

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