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Google Chrome 5.0.375.126 has been pushed to the stable channel today, bringing with it only a single change.

The latest release contains an updated version of Adobe Flash, fixing several security vulnerabilities to the plugin.

Chrome users for all platforms will receive the update within the next few days, or alternatively the browser can be downloaded from the Google Chrome website.

Google Chrome 5.0.375.125 has been pushed out to the stable channel, fixing five security issues and other bugs.

Three of the security issues are rated as of high importance, one as medium, and one as low.

The update is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame and will be pushed out to users automatically over the coming days.

New users can download Chrome from the Google Chrome website.

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Google has again updated its Chrome browser, taking it to version 5.0.375.99. The new release fixes eight security issues, 4 of which are rated as high, 1 medium, and 3 of low threat.

Full details on these security issues can be read on the Google Chrome Releases blog.

Current Chrome users will receive the update automatically in the coming days, or alternatively new users can download the browser from the Google Chrome website.

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Google has just released Google Chrome 5.0.375.86, fixing 5 new security vulnerabilities, 3 of which are rated as high, and the other two are rated medium.

As a result of this fix, the integrated Flash player is now enabled by default.

Full details on the security vulnerabilities can be read in the Google Chrome Releases blog.

The update will be pushed out to current Stable Channel Chrome users, or new users can download the browser directly from the Google Chrome website.

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Google Chrome has been updated to version 5.0.375.70 fixing 11 security issues.

Nine of these are rated as a high threat level, while the remaining two are only rated as medium. More details on these threats can be read in the Google Chrome Releases blog.

The update is available for all Windows, Mac, and Linux users, and it will be pushed out automatically to these users as usual. New users can download Chrome from the Google Chrome website.

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The Chrome team have now enabled desktop notifications for the browser, allowing extensions to step out from a simple icon, and provide a notification box to give users more information.

Desktop notifications are available as of Chrome 5, and Google’s own Gmail Notifier is one of the first browser extensions to support the new notifications.

“When notifications are used from an extension, there are no permission prompts or infobar warnings. The experience is seamless – it just works” wrote Chrome Software Engineer, Aaron Boodman.

Full details for developers on how to add desktop notifications to their extensions can be found in the documentation. More desktop notification enabled plugins are sure to pop-up in the coming days and weeks.

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Google Chrome 5.0.375.55 has been released to the stable channel, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The release marks the first stable version of the Chrome browser for the Mac and Linux platforms.

The release also closes 6 security holes, 2 of which were rated as high, and 4 rated as medium. The new browser also fixes several stability bugs, which would cause the browser to crash.

New features found in Chrome 5 for exsisting stable users include:

  • Better HTML5 support
  • Geolocation API
  • App cache
  • Drag and Drop for files

Adobe Flash Player is not bundled into the browser as expected, but Google promises it will be back once Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is released.

The latest release will be pushed out to existing Chrome users, while new users can take the plunge and download the browser from the Chrome website.

Neowin has discovered that this weeks Google Chrome speed test videos were faked, which was later confirmed by Google.

Scepticism came when one attentive Neowin user noticed that during the first potato test, the web page was loaded from the local machine, rather than over the Internet as the video would have you believe.

“For the Chrome Browser vs. Potato film, we used a version of the web page that is accessible when logged in. About four hours into the Potato Gun shoot we decided to use a locally loaded version of the web page to enable more precise synchronization with the potato gun. We finally got the shot we were hoping for after 51 takes” responded Google.

Google did note however that the Sound vs Chrome video was filmed for real.

“For Chrome Browser vs. Sound, we loaded an artist page from, a streaming internet radio service directly off the web on a 15Mbps internet connection.”

According to Google the aim of the video was to show the true rendering speed of the Chrome browser, which involved removing as many variables as possible to get an accurate result.

Google has pushed out a new version of Chrome 5 to beta testers which is between 30% and 35% faster than previous beta releases in the V8 and SunSpider benchmark tests.

Early results suggest that Google Chrome 5 beta is now faster than Opera 10.5x, taking back the fastest browser crown.

Other new features in Google Chrome 5.0.375.29 include HTML5 Features; Geolocation, App Cache, web sockets, file drag-and-drop along with Integrated Flash Player Plugin and Preferences synchronisation.

Along with the release, the Chrome team have created a video to show you just how fast the browser is, in a very creative and entertaining way.

Google Chrome 5 beta can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux.

A video of the showing the making of the Google Chrome Speed Test video can be seen after the break.

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The Chrome development team have today announced a new partnership with Adobe which bundles Adobe’s Flash with Google Chrome browser.

The latest development builds include Adobe Flash Player (10.1 beta 3), and allows Chrome users to receive updated Flash updates automatically without the need of user intervention.

“The traditional browser plug-in model has enabled tremendous innovation on the web, but it also presents challenges for both plug-ins and browsers. The browser plug-in interface is loosely specified, limited in capability and varies across browsers and operating systems. This can lead to incompatibilities, reduction in performance and some security headaches” explains Google.

This move will ensure participating plug-ins are always up to date, increasing browsers security, while also integrating plug-ins tighter within the browser ensuring they become more stable.

Mozilla is also in on the plan, with Google using Mozilla’s next generation browser plug-in API. Other plug-ins such as Adobe’s PDF reader are expected to come further down the track.

Adobe’s Flash Player can be found from today with today’s dev channel update for Chrome; version 5.0.360.4 for Windows and Mac and 5.0.360.5 for Linux.