Microsoft’s Russian Press site has released a screenshot of the upcoming user interface scheduled to make an appearance in Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Soon after, the screenshot was pulled indicating it is likely real, but Microsoft journalist Jo Foley managed to save the image before it was removed.

New features are set to include a combined URL and search bar, tear-off tabs, and a consolidated menu.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta will be released on September 15th during a launch event in San Francisco.

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    Apparently this is the real deal, but it’s not the real deal as in a real screenshot, but rather as in a real mockup. If you notice, there’s no blur in the glass, the page itself is inconsistent (that web page never existed in reality, at any point in time), and there’s no clock in the screen. So it’s probably just a mockup. And an early one at that, most likely.

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    The tab placement is off, I wonder what happens when you have too many tabs open.

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    Maybe IE9 will be like Chrome: when you have too many tabs open, it just breaks.