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Microsoft’s Russian Press site has released a screenshot of the upcoming user interface scheduled to make an appearance in Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Soon after, the screenshot was pulled indicating it is likely real, but Microsoft journalist Jo Foley managed to save the image before it was removed.

New features are set to include a combined URL and search bar, tear-off tabs, and a consolidated menu.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Beta will be released on September 15th during a launch event in San Francisco.

The Google Chrome team are in the process of implementing some changes to the user interface, in the aim of streamlining the toolbar.

Changes include displaying either a magnifying glass, or a globe icon in the URL bar to help determine what the browser is doing with the user input. Secure sites will now display the padlock icon at the start of the URL, rather than at the end of the URL bar.

Reasons for the changes, and a list of other planed changes can be seen on the Chromium blog.

These changes are starting to make their way into Chrome Dev Builds.

New images have emerged over on Chinese site LiveSino which appear to be a leaked Internet Explorer 9 interface.

The interface appears to resemble the new minimalistic Metro interface found in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 series.

Microsoft has been tight lipped about the images, and has not yet released a statement. It is uncertain whether they are real, or part of an elaborate April Fools prank.

A second screen shot can be seen after the break.

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