I have gone and put Opera 9.64, Opera 10 Alpha, and Opera 10 Beta 1 through the Acid 3 test, V8 Benchmark, and SunSpider Benchmark tools to see how the new browser is stacking up.

The results are pleasing, with the browser clearly heading in the correct direction. Graphed results are below.

Opera Acid3 Scores

The results for the Acid3 test were to be expected, with both Opera 10 Alpha and Beta 1 scoring 100%, better than Opera 9.64’s 85%. In comparison Internet Explorer 8 only scores 17% in the Acid3 test.

Opera V8 Benchmark

The V8 Benchmarks also look good, with Opera 10 clearly ahead of Opera 9.64. Noticeable, there is not much improvement between the Alpha and Beta 1. This test has a base score of 100, and everything over that is better. Opera 9.64 scored 164, while Opera 10 Alpha scored 192 and Opera 10 Beta 1 scored 193.

Opera Sunspider Benchmark

The SunSpider benchmak results are also looking good. This time there is a noticable improvement between Opera 10 Alpha and Opera 10 Beta 1, with these browsers scoring 4760ms and 4616ms respectively. Opera 9.64 scored a respectable 5523ms.

Overall it looks like Opera 10 is going to be a great release from Opera, with a hugely improved rendering engine, along with a much much faster JavaScript engine. Congratulations to the Opera Desktop team and I egarly await the final release of the browser.

Opera fans can download Opera 10 Beta 1 from the Opera Beta website.

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