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Google has pushed out Chrome to Windows users, which adds several privacy features and closes several security holes.

Users now also have the option to translate pages using Google Translate if the page they are visiting isn’t in their native language. A great time saver for many.

This latest release closes 9 security holes, 5 of which are rated high, 3 medium, and one low. More details on these security issues can read on the Google Chrome Blog.

The update will automatically be pushed out for Windows users, while users can download the browser from the Google Chrome website.

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Google Chrome developers have pushed out new code to Mac beta users allowing them access to bookmark sync and browser extensions, just over a month after these features made it to the dev channel.

Chrome 5.0.307.7 brings many new features to Mac, and also included updates for Linux users.

Mac users now have access to these new features:

  • Extensions
  • Bookmark sync
  • Bookmark manager
  • Cookie manager
  • Task manager

The team have also worked hard to ensure the browser is more stable, while having better support for plug-ins like Adobe Flash Player.

The new updated will be pushed out to existing users, or can be downloaded using the links below:

Private browsing will now extend to the Flash plug-in with Flash Player 10.1 Adobe have announced.

“Integrating with your web browser, Flash Player 10.1 will automatically clear stored data in accordance with your browser’s private browsing settings” said Adobe Engineer Jimson Xu.

Flash Player 10.1 supports private browsing with Internet Explorer 8+, Mozilla Firefox 3.5+, and Google Chrome 1.0+, with Apple’s Safari 2.0+support coming soon.

Missing from this list is Opera, which has only recently included private browsing in the latest 10.50 alpha release.

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is currently in Beta and is expected in the first half of this year. Beta 2 can be downloaded from Adobe Labs.

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Google has pushed out version 5 of Chrome to the dev channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Not much has changed so far, but Windows versions will now use the default download folder for downloading files, while the Mac version is now more stable with extensions.

Linux versions now include support for desktop notifications, along with improved support for complex text such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Being development versions, they are prone to instability and crashes. There is currently one known bug in the Mac version, which will crash the browser when a user clears the cookies.

Users can jump on the dev channel version of Google Chrome by following instructions on the Chromium website.

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Google has pushed out an update to its Chrome browser on Windows, taking it to version

The update now includes extensions and bookmark sync in the stable version on Windows.

The update also addresses 11 security issues, 4 of which were rated as high severity, 2 medium, and 5 low.

New users can download Google Chrome from the Google Chrome website, while the update will be pushed out to existing Chrome users.

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Google overnight has updated the development channel version Google Chrome, this time turning on extensions for Mac.

This is new version is in addition to the beta version, which Mac users have been able to test for the last few weeks.

Almost 1,400 extensions are currently available for Chrome users.

Mac users wanting to test out extensions can install the developer build of Google Chrome from the Chromium Developer website, noting that this is a development build and is prone to bugs.

Beta users of Google Chrome Mac will have to wait until current code migrates from the Dev to Beta channel to test out extensions.

Google Chrome Gmail Checker Extension

Google Chrome Gmail Checker Extension

With the latest Beta releases of Google Chrome today, Google have also released Extensions Beta.

Available to Beta Chrome users on Windows and Linux (with Mac still in progress), over 300 extensions can be downloaded at today’s launch.

Extensions can let users check their Gmail, translate web pages into different languages, and watch eBay items all without the need to visit actual websites.

Extensions have flourished in Mozilla Firefox, otherwise known as add-ons, and have helped grow the browsers fan base.

The extensions are all free and can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Extensions website.

Google ChromeGoogle has finally released Chrome Beta for both Mac and Linux.

Version has been promoted to the Beta channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Mac users who had a previous developer  build installed will automatically be moved to the Beta channel.

Chrome on Linux is integrated tightly with native GTX themes, while updates are managed by the standard system package manager.

Mac users will also notice that Chrome has a native Mac OS X graphical user interface.

Download links are below:

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Google ChromeTechCrunch has received word from Google that Google Chrome for Mac is indeed scheduled for release in December this year.

“As I’m sure you know, we generally don’t comment about timelines for releasing specific features or products. But we’ve been quoted a few times saying Chrome for mac should be out by the end of the year” said the Google spokesperson.

The release is expected to be similar to the Windows release, with a beta version released first, with a stable release coming within weeks of its initial greater public release.

We will keep you updated as more news on this story comes in.

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Google ChromeGoogle has just pushed out Chrome stable. The update fixes two potential problems.

The first issue is a simple bug fix, which would cause Google Chrome to stop working if a required Windows DLL (t2embed.dll) was not found, or not readable by the browser. This DLL is no longer needed by Chrome from this release.

The second issues closes a security hole, which has a low severity rating. The hole would allow “custom headers incorrectly sent for CORS OPTIONS request”.

The update will be pushed out automatically to existing users, while new users can download Google Chrome from the Chrome website.

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