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OperaWith the release of Opera 10.10 on November 23rd, it took only 7 days for Opera to record over 12 million downloads.

This is a 25% improvement over Opera 10 download figures from September.

“With such remarkable download numbers, I am confident that we truly appealed to the needs of the Web-using public. Opera 10.10 is visually more compelling, and technologically speaking, it goes where no browser has gone before,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software in a press release. “We believe that, over time, Opera Unite has the power to erase preconceptions of how we access and share information on the Web.”

Opera 10.10 can be download for free for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes Opera Unite.

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OperaOvernight Opera has released Opera 10.10, which includes Opera Unite, to the public.

Opera Unite allows users to stream music or share files, photos and more, right from the browser. This is achieved by using Opera Unite applications, 7 of which are bundled with Opera 10.10.

These include:

Opera Unite Home – Your personal Opera Unite Web page shows the Opera Unite applications you wish to share with family, friends, or the world.
File Sharing – The File Sharing application enables a simple and safe way to share files directly from your computer.
Fridge – The Fridge application enables people to leave notes on your computer.
Media Player – The Media Player application enables access to your complete home music library from wherever you are.
Messenger – A personal and private chat connection between you and another Opera Unite user who is listed as your friend on
Photo Sharing – The Photo Sharing application enables you to share your personal photos with friends around the world without the need to upload them.
Web Server – The Web Server application enables you to host your Web sites from your own computer.

A full list of changes can be read in the changelog, while Opera 10.10 can be downloaded from the Opera website.

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