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Opera Mobile 10 has made it to the Maemo platform, with Opera releasing the first preview releases for the Nokia N900 and N800/N810 devices.

The release marks the return of the Opera browser to the Maemo platform, which hasn’t been supported since Nokia included it’s own internal browser with devices back in 2008.

“The preview build contains the same features available in Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian and Windows Mobile smartphones. These include fast and economical browsing with Opera Turbo, bookmark and Speed Dial sync with other Opera products, and of course multiple tabs” wrote Opera’s Fredrik Öhrn.

A full list of features can be read in the Opera Mobile 10 features list, while a download can be found by browsing to this URL on your Maemo device.

More releases of the browser are expected during the coming months before we see a final release.

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After an almost month long release candidate, Mozilla has released the final version of Firefox Mobile for Maemo devices.

Firefox Mobile is almost a direct port of it’s big brother Firefox, with a completely redesigned user interface for touch screens.

The browser includes the awesome bar, a download manager, early HTML5 support, tabbed browsing, add on support, safe browsing, and is currently available in over 30 languages.

Firefox Mobile can be downloaded and installed on the Nokia N900, with more Maemo devices expected on the market soon.

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Firefox Mobile RC 1 (formerly known as Fennec) is now available for Nokia’s Maemo mobile platform.

This includes devices such as the Nokia N900 and N810.

Firefox Mobile is essentially Firefox 3.5 under the hod, with a new graphical user interface for the mobile device. This means that you get the same rendering engine (supporting some HTML5 elements), the awesome bar, spell check, and a download manager.

Currently available in over 15 languages, an updated Windows Mobile version is expected in a few weeks.

A full list of changes can be found in the release notes, while the browser can be downloaded from the Firefox Mobile website.

Developer versions are also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Fennec Mobile BrowserMozilla have today released Fennec 1.0 beta 4 for Maemo enabled Nokia devices.

Changes since beta 3 include:

  • Build now works on the N900
  • Streamlined bookmarking, editing, and management
  • Install and manage search engines
  • Improved touch-friendly theme
  • Improved panning and zooming performance
  • Support for add-on options in the Add-ons Manager
  • Integration with Maemo5 system UI controls
  • Notification of tabs opened in the background
  • Numerous other bugs and polish issues addressed

Download links can be found in the Fennec Beta 4 release notes. Fennec is the mobile version of Firefox, and is set to be released some time in 2010.

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Fennec Mobile BrowserFennec, the mobile version of Firefox has been updated for both Nokia and Windows Mobile phones.

Fennec Beta 2 for Nokia devices includes a new theme, built-in JavaScript error console, and improved add-on support. Full changes can be found in the release notes.

For the Windows Mobile users, Fennec Alpha 2 increases performance, polishes the user interface, plus a list of other changes in the release notes.

Download Fennec Beta 2 (“Maemo”) for Nokia devices
Download Fennec Alpha 2 for Windows Mobile

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