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FirefoxIncluded in Release Candidate 1 builds of Firefox, Mozilla has released the final iteration of the new Firefox 3.5 logo.

The icon was created by Anthony Piraino from the Iconfactory, and went through a total of 14 iterations over several weeks.

The new icon has a stronger 3D feel to it, with much more detail in the foxes tail.

The new logo is available in several sizes and formats and can be downloaded from the Mozilla Wiki.

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Firefox LogosIt looks like Firefox 3.5 is set to get a new logo, after Mozilla set out to update Firefox’s logo in a bid to reflect the changes in the upcoming browser. The current logo has been the same since Firefox 1.5.

“In a marketplace that is focused on products that are newer, faster, lighter and shinier, design work is inherently perishable. Part of this is larger trends and fashion (for a period of time cars had fins), and part of this is simply ongoing visual change as an indication of overall progress” explained Alex Faaborg, a Firefox User Experience team member.

The final design is still not decided on, but Faaborg has been posting different renderings daily on his blog.

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