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Mozilla Developer Rob Cambell has revealed that Firefox 4 is recieving a new DOM inspector, similar to what is found in other browsers, after it was removed from Firefox 3.

Currently, Firefox web developers use the Firebug add-on to achieve the same effect. Cambell has stated Mozilla is not out to “kill” the Firebug add-on, but to merely suplement it.

“Now every browser ships with a set of development tools. We didn’t feel that [the original] DOM Inspector was the right tool to include in the browser” wrote Cambell.

Early Firefox 4 builds that include the new, unfinished DOM inspector are available for download.

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Internet Explorer 9 Project Manager Sharon Newman has revealed in depth the upcoming browsers support for CSS3 selectors.

“CSS3 Selectors enable complex styling of webpages using simpler CSS and less script than previously possible” wrote Newman.

“Our goal is to enable new selectors in your webpages in a way that lets the same markup work across browsers […] IE9 now passes 100% of test cases on, 100% of the W3C CSS3 Selectors Test Suite, and Acid3 tests 34 through 37 and 39 through 44” continued Newman.

Interested users can test out a developer preview of Internet Explorer 9 by downloading it from the test drive site.

A full list of CSS3 selectors supported by Internet Explorer 9 can be found after the break.

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Nightly Mac builds of WebKit, the basis of which Safari and Google Chrome are built on, now include 3D CSS transforms.

3D CSS transforms allow web developers to manipulate objects in the third dimension with simple CSS rules. Current CSS3 standards do not include these 3D transforms, but Apple has submitted 3D CSS transforms to the W3C for consideration as an official CSS standard.

WebKit 3D CSS Zich Imagefly

The 3D transforms are already available in iPhone OS 2.0 and up.

Users or developers wanting to check out this new feature can download the latest nightly build from WebKit. The following 3D transform demos are available:

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