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To coincide with the release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Beta yesterday, which comes in both 32 and 64-bit varieties, Adobe has released Flash Player 64-bit Beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

The move brings complete 64-bit browsing one step closer, with 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome available on select platforms.

There are currently several known issues with the public preview:

  • Video playback issues may appear on certain websites such as,, and
  • Mouse interactivity in the Settings UI dialog does not work using Internet Explorer 9. Keyboard navigation works as expected. Please pardon our dust.
  • Internet Explorer 9 is not yet final. As such, Adobe is continuing to work with Microsoft to resolve critical issues before the final release of Internet Explorer 9.
  • This release will not receive automatic update notifications, and users will need to manually uninstall this preview before installing a standard shipping release of Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player “Square” 64-bit can be downloaded form the Adobe Labs.

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Build 1 of Firefox 4 Beta 1 has just appeared on the Mozilla FTP server, with build 2 expected today also.

No change log has yet been released, and Mozilla will not announce the release until a final Beta release is ready. There are currently two bugs blocking build 2, which are expected to be fixed shortly. Currently the release is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with native 64-bit builds for Mac and Linux users.

Would-be-testers are warned that while more stable than the alpha releases, this build still has a lot of work to be done before it is ready to be used by the masses. As a result, some of your plugins may not work with this release.

More information on Firefox Beta 1’s release can be seen on the MozillaWiki. Firefox 4 Beta 1 Build 1 can be downloaded from the Mozilla FTP server.

Native 64-bit builds of Firefox 4 Alpha for Windows are now appearing in the Firefox Nightly builds, and are expected to be released simultaneously when Firefox 4 ships.

Mac and Linux users have had 64-bit builds since early April, but there is still limited plug-in support, with most plug-ins falling back to 32-bit.

“This is still just a very very very early experimental build” noted Mozilla’s John O’Duinn. This means the browser may not behave as expected, and testers are advised to proceed with caution.

Eager testers can download 64-bit versions form the Firefox Nightly repository.

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Google ChromeGoogle Chrome is now completely 64 bit compatible, and no longer uses any 32 bit libraries and is available for Linux.

“The v8 team did some amazing work this quarter building a working 64-bit port.  After a handful of changes on the Chromium side, I’ve had Chromium Linux building on 64-bit for the last few weeks” said Google Chrome Software Engineer Dean McNamee.

The new builds can be downloaded from here, with build instructions also being available for Linux users.

A Windows and Mac version are set to follow.

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