Mozilla has released Firefox 3.6.7, fixing several security and stability issues.

A total of 14 security vulnerabilities have been patched, 4 of which are rated as moderate, 2 high, and 8 are of critical severity. A full list of changes can be read in the release notes.

Current Firefox 3.6.x users will receive the update  in the coming days,  while new users can download Firefox from the Firefox website.

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    the update sucks. it’s slow, freezes, cant access my printer. it’s not ready – they should not have released it.

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    I agree with flattop. FF should not have released it. It’s caused so much trouble. They should not make FF update automatic unless they are absolutely confident of their new releases!! FF, please have a patch ready or allow us to downgrade it to 3.6.6. Thanks.

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