Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery may be nearing launch, with Apple today sending out an email to registered developers reminding them to submit their Safari 5 extensions for inclusion in the gallery.

We’ll soon be launching the Safari Extensions Gallery, a new destination that provides you with an opportunity to increase the visibility of your Safari extension beyond your website.

The Safari Extensions Gallery will feature selected extensions that offer an innovative user experience. And a one-click installation process will allow users to seamlessly install extensions from a developer’s website without ever having to leave the Gallery.

Have your extension considered for the Safari Extensions Gallery. Submit your extension download URL and supporting metadata today.

While some extensions for the browser are currently available, Safari 5 users must manually enable extensions for them to work in the browser. A comprehensive list of early Safari 5 extensions can be found in the Safari Extensions blog.

Interested developers can submit their Safari 5 extensions at the Safari Dev Center.

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