The Google Chrome development team have been hard at work, and have just integrated portable document format (PDF) support to their browser.

The comes on the back of an integrated Flash player, which has seen improved performance and stability within the browser.

“Millions of web users rely on PDF files every day to consume a wide variety of text and media content. The traditional browser plug-in model, though powerful, presents challenges in compatibility, performance, and security. To overcome this, we’ve been working with the web community to help define a next generation browser plug-in API” wrote Marc Pawliger, Chrome Engineering Director.

Chrome Dev Channel release 6.0.437.3 now includes built in PDF support. Users can get this version by following the instructions on the Chromium website.

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    Ah, to be young and… well, greedy, close sourced and non-redistributable, really…

    Stupid Chrome. It has stood still for two years and it sucks donkey balls. Firefox is way better. And Opera.