Web browser market share results are now available for May 2010 thanks to Market Share by Net Applications.

Internet Explorer lost more ground in May, dropping from 59.95% in April, to 59.69% in May.

Firefox also dropped some users, falling from 24.59% to 24.35%. The browser appears to be having a hard time cracking the 25% mark, and as suggested, may be loosing users to Chrome.

Chrome passed the 7% mark, up from 6.73% to 7.05%, while Safari was also up, from 4.72% to 4.77%.

Opera was also up, from 2.3% to 2.43%.

Full results can be read in the May 2010 Browser Market Share report.

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    I think relying on a single meter is not good. I think it would be better if you made an average between the most popular meters, so we have a better understanding. Firefox’s real market share is probably around 28/30%, not 25%, for example, based on the figures of other meters.

    Also, Chrome slowing down its incline, huh? Looks like Google is starting to have problems coping with their oh-so-bit market share 😛 Lol @ them for not innovating. Their browser is basically the same now, in version 5, two years after, as it was when it came out.

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    Chrome’s gain is a little bit slower than the previous few months, but a 0.32% increase is still quite good. Yes, it doesn’t seem like much is happening with Chrome now, but a lot of the other browsers feel like they are still standing still (including Firefox, which I adore and love – just take a look at how “slow” it is compared to Chrome, Safari, and Opera).

    Also, there is nothing wrong with using Market Share data from Net Applications. They source their data from some very large and prominent world-wide forms, with an average of over 160 million visitors per month.

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    IE6 is the most useless browser in the world