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OperaOpera has announced that they have over 3 million Opera Turbo users speeding up their web experience since the release of Opera 10 on September 1st.

“Those three million consumers viewed almost 668 million compressed Web pages” said the press release.

“The numbers tell us that Opera Turbo solves critical bandwidth issues. People everywhere experience either slow, congested networks or must pay as they go for Web access. It is an issue that affects everyone, from the business traveler to the Internet café user. Opera Turbo has become universally useful,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software.

Opera Turbo uses Opera’s powerful servers to compress Web pages, boosting browsing speeds on crowded Wi-Fi hotspots, tethered mobile phones and even dial-up internet links.

Opera Turbo can be found in Opera 10, and is a free download.

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Latest builds of Opera 10 now include Opera Turbo, technology used to speed up traffic for end users.

Opera Turbo works by passing all data through one of Opera’s proxy servers, which highly compress the data and sends the data on to the user.

Opera Turbo is set to automatic in current release, which will only improve performance if it detects your network is slow.

The latest build also includes an in line spell checker and increases performance.

The latest Opera 10 build can be downloaded here.

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