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In response to the recent release of Safari 5, Microsoft has released a video demonstrating the performance difference between the hardware acceleration found in Internet Explorer 9 and Safari 5.

“Since the release of the first Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview at MIX back in March and the second in May, we’ve shown a lot of demos of IE9 with other browsers. Today, Apple announced and released Safari 5. We figured we would show IE9 and Safari 5 together running some of the demos from the Internet Explorer 9 Test Drive website. Watch the Frames Per Second (FPS) Counter” wrote Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc.

From the video it’s clear that IE9 is a long way ahead of Safari 5, with the first benchmark showing IE9 scoring an impressive 50 frames per second, while Safari 5 only manages 9.

LeBlanc also revealed that IE9 Developer Preview has been downloaded over 1,000,000 times. Rumors are also appearing suggesting we may see a beta release very soon. We will keep you updated.

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