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Google Chrome V8 BenchmarksGoogle has just bumped Chrome up a version, with the latest release now bring

The new release is now 30% faster than the previous release according to Google.

Chrome 2.0 also adds new features, including full screen mode, form autofill, and the ability to remove thumbnails from the New Tab page.

The release is available to new users from the Chrome website, and existing users will be upgraded automatically.

Google Chrome may soon have full-screen mode. An avid user has spotted that the versions available from the Dev Channel now include full-screen support.

To enable full-screen in the development release of Chrome you just press F11, much like any other browser.

This much anticipated feature should make it’s way in to the public release of Google Chrome in the coming weeks.

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Edit 2: Real full screen mode is available in the latest release of Google Chrome. You simply need to press F11.

Edit: For clarification – there is no full-screen mode in Google Chrome yet. This simply opens the browser maximized.

One thing that many users may find frustrating is that Google Chrome opens in window mode. Thankfully there is a simple fix for this. By editing the Google Chrome shortcut, you simply need to add the -start-maximized parameter to the end of the shortcut line.

Your new shortcut line should look something like this:

C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe -start-maximized

Problem solved! Chrome will now open in full-screen mode.