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Microsoft has finally craved to pressure from the European Union, and instead of offering no browser in Windows 7 E in Europe, the company will offer a ballot screen which will allow users to choose a web browser.

This is a big win for consumers, with the EU acknowledging the decision. “The European Commission can confirm that Microsoft has proposed a consumer ballot screen as a solution to the pending antitrust case.”

“We believe that if ultimately accepted, this proposal will fully address the European competition law issues relating to the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows and interoperability with our high-volume products,” said Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith.

A proposed ballot screen can be seen below:


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Internet Explorer LogoMicrosoft has revealed that it will charge €4 for a copy on Internet Explorer 8 on CD, after announcing that Windows 7 will ship in the European Union without Internet Explorer.

The move to remove the browser from the operating system is a direct result of action taking against Microsoft by the European Union with companies such as Opera and Mozilla.

Internet Explorer 8 will however remain free for users to download, along with competing browsers. The biggest issue that most will face is the inability to browse to websites on a fresh install of Windows 7 to download a browser of their choice.

This is not expected to be a problem for those who buy their PC’s from manufactures such as Dell and HP, as they are still expected to bundle browsers with new systems.

Microsoft is proposing to release Windows 7 E in the European Union (EU), a version of Windows without Internet Explorer.

The move is aimed at pleasing the European Commission regulators who are currently taking action against Microsoft over it’s bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

If agreed upon, Microsoft will completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows, and not just hide the browser like is currently possible. Despite this move, manufactures are still likely to release PC including Internet Explorer.

We will let you know Microsoft’s final decision when it is made.

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The European Union (EU) is set to ask major PC vendors for evidence that Microsoft pressured them to oppose the EU’s plan to give consumers choice when they first start Windows.

Questionnaires have been sent to PC makers seeking information about their communications with Microsoft.

“Microsoft hasn’t seen the commission’s questionnaire and doesn’t pressure any PC makers to oppose the ballot-screen remedy”, said Microsoft spokesman Jesse Verstraete in Brussels.

More information can be read on Bloomberg.

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Latest news coming from the European Union’s (EU) anti-trust case against the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows suggests that one possible remedy could be the inclusion of other browsers in an installation of Windows.

The move could potentially see Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome bundled with Windows in Europe with the user being asked which browser they would like to set as their default on first run.

Any ruling against Microsoft would see a solution that “would be based on the fundamental principle of unbiased choice” said a EU spokesperson. Microsoft has said they they will comply with any ruling. A final decision is due in the next few months.

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With Windows 7 Release Candidate just out the door, it seems the operating system is already raising complaints from Mozilla and Opera over the continued bundling of Internet Explorer.

“Our initial review suggests this is a blatant use of the Windows operating system to change the market dynamics of browser usage,” said Mozilla Chairperson, Mitchell Baker.

This is despite the fact that Internet Explorer 8 is now an optional component in Windows 7.

Microsoft still has a month to address the anti-competitive complaints bought against it by the European Union.

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Microsoft has confirmed that it has received a one-week extension from EU antitrust regulators to respond to charges stemming to anti-competitive behaviour.

The complaint is for Microsoft bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, hence discouraging competition in the browser market.

At this point it should be noted that with early builds of Windows 7, Internet Explorer can be removed from the system.

If Microsoft loose, the company may be forced to offer multiple browsers with new copies of Windows.

Microsoft have till April 28 to respond to the Commission’s statement of objections.

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New Windows 7 betas show that Internet Explorer 8 is an optional install, a move which should keep the EU and Opera happy.

To uninstall Internet Explorer from Windows 7 follow these steps:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Open Programs
  • Click Turn Windows features on or off
  • Deselect Internet Explorer 8

Google has joined the European Union (EU) case against Microsoft as a 3rd party.

This is because Internet Explorer is tied to Microsoft’s dominant computer operating system, giving it an unfair advantage over other browsers. Compare this to the mobile market, where Microsoft cannot tie Internet Explorer to a dominant operating system, and its browser therefore has a much lower usage” explains Google’s Sundar Pichai.

The case against Microsoft is good, and will take many months to be heard.

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European Union regulators have laid down fresh claims that Microsoft is again in breach of its anti-trust laws.

The complaint is related to Internet Explorer being bundled with all new Windows installations.

Microsoft lost a similar case in 2004 and was forced to sell Windows versions without Windows Media Player.

This has potential repercussions across the market. Apple currently bundles Safari with every copy of Mac OS X, while most Linux distributions are bundled with Firefox.

“Microsoft’s tying of Internet Explorer to the Windows operating system harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice” said a spokesman for the European Union.

Any final decision on the matter is likely to be years away.