Internet Explorer LogoMicrosoft has revealed that it will charge €4 for a copy on Internet Explorer 8 on CD, after announcing that Windows 7 will ship in the European Union without Internet Explorer.

The move to remove the browser from the operating system is a direct result of action taking against Microsoft by the European Union with companies such as Opera and Mozilla.

Internet Explorer 8 will however remain free for users to download, along with competing browsers. The biggest issue that most will face is the inability to browse to websites on a fresh install of Windows 7 to download a browser of their choice.

This is not expected to be a problem for those who buy their PC’s from manufactures such as Dell and HP, as they are still expected to bundle browsers with new systems.

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    Internet Explorer 8 is more stable than IE 7 that is why i like it. I always experience freezing browser window in IE 7.

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    Internet Explorer 8 is as stable as Opera and Firefox. it does not crash a lot like IE7.

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    i am pretty much satisfied about the features and stability of Internet Explorer 8. it is much better than IE6 or IE7.

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    Internet Explorer 8 seems to be the best browser for me. I can open more than 20 windows simultaneously without crashing. IE7 and IE6 is unstable that if you open more than windows at a time it just freezes or causes the blue screen.

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