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After the recent row between developers of the AdBlock Plus and NoScript add-ons for Firefox, Mozilla is considering creating an add-on policy. Mozilla’s proposal follows.

Changes to default home page and search preferences, as well as settings of other installed add-ons, must be related to the core functionality of the add-on. If this relation can be established, you must adhere to the following requirements when making changes to these settings:

  • The add-on description must clearly state what changes the add-on makes.
  • All changes must be ‘opt-in’, meaning the user must take non-default action to enact the change.
  • Uninstalling the add-on restores the user’s original settings if they were changed.

These are minimum requirements and not a guarantee that your add-on will be approved.

NoScripts developer has already agreed to this policy and has released an update to its extension.

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A war has broken out between two of Firefox’s most used plug-ins, AdBlock Plus and NoScript, with both scripts trying to out do each other by disabling the others features.

The war started as a result of AdBlock Plus blocking ads in NoScript’s change log window. The change log window is displayed every time NoScript is updated, which as of late has been rather frequent, and is NoScript’s only source of income.

AdBlock is of course doing what it does best, blocking ads, regardless of the source. The AdBlock blog has a full list of events as they see the current situation.

Google Chrome is to get the same level of customisation as Mozilla’s Firefox, with a new effort launched to make it possible for developers to create plugins for the popular browser.

Third party applications or addons are attributed to the huge success of Firefox, and is currently the number one most requested feature from Chrome users.

Aaron Boodman and a few others from the Chromium project last week released a design spec detailing their plan for developers.

The document also lists some extensions that the company would like to support, including both an ad and flash blocker – both of which are top addons for Firefox.

Google is yet to give a release date on the feature, but at least work is under way. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.

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Mozilla, makers of the popular Firefox web browser, have passed a huge milestone, with over 1 billion add-ons downloaded.

This number is much likely larger, as Mozilla only started tracking downloads in 2005, with add-ons also available from other websites.

Justin Scott from Mozilla says there are about “1.5 million add-on downloads per day and increasing”.

Add-ons are currently available for a large range of Mozilla products including Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Sunbird, Komodo, Flock, and Songbird.

Have you fashioned your Firefox?

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