After the recent row between developers of the AdBlock Plus and NoScript add-ons for Firefox, Mozilla is considering creating an add-on policy. Mozilla’s proposal follows.

Changes to default home page and search preferences, as well as settings of other installed add-ons, must be related to the core functionality of the add-on. If this relation can be established, you must adhere to the following requirements when making changes to these settings:

  • The add-on description must clearly state what changes the add-on makes.
  • All changes must be ‘opt-in’, meaning the user must take non-default action to enact the change.
  • Uninstalling the add-on restores the user’s original settings if they were changed.

These are minimum requirements and not a guarantee that your add-on will be approved.

NoScripts developer has already agreed to this policy and has released an update to its extension.

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