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Google has released software called O3D which aims to bring accelerated 3D graphics to the web browser.

O3D is a plug-in available for all major browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

The technology works by allowing developers access to a computers 3D hardware simply by using JavaScript.

The plug-in is available from Google today, and the website includes live demo’s and a video showing off the technology.

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ExitReality has today released a plugin that allows users to surf the web in 3D. This will allow surfers the chance to walk through their favourite websites as if they were playing a computer game.

The 3.5MB plugin will turn any normal website into a compelling virtual room.

The idea from ExitReality’s founder Danny Stefanic has been in development for 13 years.

Mr Stefanic says “It is the entire web in 3D – making 40 billion virtual worlds – and it will instantly transform 2D content into 3D“.

Flickr can be turned into a virtual art gallery, while YouTube can be turned into a virtual cinema. It’s second life for every day people.

Currently, the browser plugin only works on Windows and is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The plugin can be downloaded from the ExitReality website.

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