Web browser market share results are now available for July 2010 thanks to Market Share by Net Applications.

Internet Explorer rose again in July 2010, from 60.32% to 60.74% market share. Firefox dropped again from 23.81% to 22.91%.

Chrome also fell slightly, from 7.24% to 7.16%. Safari rose, up from 4.85% to 5.09%, as did Opera, up to 2.45% from 2.43% in June.

Full results can be read in the July 2010 Browser Market Share report.

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    Those results aren’t accurate mate. If you check other meters, you can clearly see that Firefox is more or less the same as before (a bit higher, maybe), IE kept dropping, Chrome kept climbing and Safari is dropping steadily. Those results are all because of a fluke DAY at the middle of the month where Internet Explorer 6 and 8 jumped up by 10% or something over the competition. Everything is absolutely normal, as usual. Chrome climbing, Firefox steady and Internet Explorer (as a whole) dropping (although IE8 keeps growing). Safari is, however, dropping plenty, which is new.

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    The stats definitely are a little strange. It will be interesting to see how they move for August.

    This compares to IE 42.6%, Firefox 33.2%, Safari 11.5%, Chrome 10.4%, and Opera 1.4% on a large site that I run.