Web browser market share results are now available for June 2010 thanks to Market Share by Net Applications.

Unexpectedly, Internet Explorer rose in June 2010, from 59.69% to 60.32% market share, at the expense of Firefox, whose share slipped from 24.32% to 23.81%.

Both Chrome and Safari were also up, to 7.24% and 4.85%, from 7.04% and 4.77% respectively. Opera had a small loss, dropping from 2.43% to 2.27% in June.

Full results can be read in the June 2010 Browser Market Share report.

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    More proof that Firefox’s biggest rival is not Chrome but Internet Explorer.

    These figures exist because IE8 increased a lot, but IE6 and 7 didn’t rise, so it’s good.

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    My question is why did IE rise?

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    A few people are having problems with the new Flash update, and since it was pushed alongside Firefox 3.6.6, people think they have a problem with Firefox itself… They’re probably switching to Internet Explorer, which they don’t have a problem with, because Internet Explorer uses an entirely different Flash plugin (and is probably not up to date either). Could be that… Or it could be the summer thing…

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    IE got increased 60.32%. It’s not 62.32%. See market share.

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    Oops! That was a typo. Fixed now.