Nightly releases of Firefox 4 now include Aero Glass for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, with the feature still a work in progress.

“The feature was available first in early April but pulled back soon after to iron some important bugs” noted Mozilla Links Percy Cabello.

The above screenshot also showcases the ability to hide the menu bar, and move the tab bar above the location bar.

Keen users can test the new interface by downloading a copy of the latest Firefox nightly.

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    To be noted that this ability to hide the menu bar is already present in Firefox 3.6 by default.

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    Also, I tested it right now, and besides the obvious that the tabs aren’t really pleasant looking when on top, why are the favorites also on glass? I though you’d have gone for them on an opaque background (much better for reading).

    Also, how is this theme going to cope with personas? Will it simply disable glass if a persona is installed?

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    Forget that last comment. I thought we were on planet mozilla xD