Mozilla has given a presentation discussing Firefox.Next, now officially known as Firefox 4, which bypasses the often talked about Firefox 3.7 version number.

New features set to make an appearance in the browser include:

  • Speed – it will be “super-duper fast”
  • Power – it will support “HTML 5 and beyond”
  • Empowerment – users will be allowed to fully control their browser, its data, and their web experience
  • Completely re-vamped user interface allowing layout customization and less chrome
  • Improved stability and security
  • Ability to install add-ons without restarting browser
  • Better tools for developers
  • 64-bit support
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Multitouch support

Currently, a Firefox 4 Beta is expected in June next month, with a possible final release planned for November, or Janurary if development slips past the November time-frame.

The full 50 minute presentation can be downloaded or watched online.

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