January has been another interesting month for web browser, with monthly data available from Market Share by Net Applications.

Internet Explorer lost more market share taking it down to 62.18%, down from 62.69%, while Firefox also suprisingly lost some ground in the same period.

Firefox finished January 2010 with 24.41%, down from 24.61% the month before.

Google Chrome had a good month, taking its share above the 5% mark for the first time, ending the month with 5.2% share. This is up from 4.63% in December 2009.

Apple’s Safari also gained a small amount of new users, most likely thanks to the holiday season. Safari holds 4.51%, up from a share of 4.46%.

Opera also suffered a small loss, with a market share of 2.38%, down from 2.4% in December.

This year looks set to be another big battle for browser makers, as they try to draw in new users in 2010.

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