A new patent has surfaced from Apple hinting that volume control is coming to Safari.

Safari browser with audio controls mockup

Safari browser with audio controls mockup

The filling should give surfers the ability to apply controls to audio streaming in from the web.

The patent also appears to give surfers the option of storing audio preferences for different site, allowing users to mute all websites by default, but allow audio from say YouTube.

“When using a web browser application (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer.RTM., Apple Safari.RTM.), audio sources (e.g., websites) will often provide audio signals (e.g., music, noises) which may or may not be welcomed by the user. While operating system desktops often provide audio controls (e.g., volume controls), such audio controls adjust all audio signals playing on the host device, including desirable audio signals such as music the user desires to play from their music library while browsing the Web. Accordingly, if desktop audio controls are used, then desirable audio signals, as well as undesirable audio signals, will be adjusted together which may not be the intent of the user” the patent reads.

No word yet from Apple on when we can see this innovative idea in Safari.

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