Rumors have been circulating that the next version of Internet Explorer could possibly use Apple’s open source WebKit rendering engine.

It appears, as expected, that these rumors were indeed false.

Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of Internet Explorer put to rest any speculation that IE9 would use WebKit. He also told Ars Technica that IE8 would not be the last version of IE.

That solves that mystery.

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    Thats a bummer – I really would benefit from IE supporting ‘web-kit-corner’ – I have to add in a load of annoying conditional comments… 🙁 Although, I’ve read elsewhere, they are so…

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    Wow! Really! What do they have against web developers. I mean come on! They should cancel their Internet Explorer Project or Make it so that it renders like Webkit or Mozilla. Its not that hard. There are 100’s of browsers out there that can do the curved corners. Microsoft Internet Explorer is the only one that doesn’t! I am so glad that Firefox and Chrome are becoming popular. Internet Explorer is a crime! It is so unsafe. Windows is a crime! It is so unsafe. Mac and Linux are great they are safe! Noticing a theme here!