With 2009 fast approaching, details for IE Mobile 6 have started to appear. The latest mobile Internet browser from Microsoft should bring a positive change to the web browser market.

Currently, there are still no screenshots available, as Microsoft has made all beta testers and OEM’s sign NDA’s, but details on the new browser are starting to emerge. Here are some of the key features for IE Mobile 6.

  • A full HTML rendering engine (unfortunately based on IE6).
  • Support for Adobe Flash Lite 3.1, something still not found on Apple’s iPhone.
  • AJAX and JScript 5.7 support.
  • Support for touch, including scrolling and zooming.
  • Ability to switch between full and mobile versions of websites.

With these unique, and some innovative features, IE Mobile 6 may make up some ground in the mobile browser market, but is it enough to entice Opera Mobile or even iPhone Safari users?

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